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Similarities Between Santa and Sysadmins

1. Santa is bearded, corpulent, and dresses funny.
2. When you ask Santa for something, the odds of receiving what you wanted are infinitesimal.
3. Santa seldom answers your mail.
4. When you ask Santa where he gets all the stuff he’s got, he says, “Elves make it for me.”
5. Santa doesn’t care about your deadlines.
6. Your parents ascribed supernatural powers to Santa, but did all the work themselves.
7. Nobody knows who Santa has to answer to for his actions.
8. Santa laughs entirely too much.
9. Santa thinks nothing of breaking into your $HOME.
10. Only a lunatic says bad things about Santa in his presence.

Image of the week

If you’re turning 27 and were born in the Northeast, maybe you were conceived in the April blizzard of 1982. Imagine: snowed in, candles, massage oil, your mom sporting nothing but her early 80’s haircut and a smile … aren’t you glad you read the title-text?


Do you remember?

5 years ago

  • Google begins selling US$99 laptops
  • Far Cry 3 is released on Windows, PS3 and Xbox360
  • It wasn’t the end of the world on December 21, 2012 as the Mayans predicted but the video Gangnam Style hit over 1 billion views on YouTube.

10 years ago

  • Steve Jobs is inducted into the California Hall of Fame
  • Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge is released on Windows, PS2 and Wii
  • NetBSD 4.0 is released

20 years ago

  • HTML 4.0 is published by the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Quake II is released on Windows, PS1 and N64
  • Microsoft buys Hotmail email service for $400 million and re-launches it as MSN Hotmail



Credits: unijokes, xkcd
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