Thank God It’s Friday!

A group of computer science geeks were listening to a lecture about Java programming at a university. After the lecture, one of the men leaned over and grabbed a woman’s breast. Woman: Hey! That’s private OK ? The man hesitated for a second looking confused. Man: But I thought we were in the same class.


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No, YOU stumble past a series of post-breakup hookups in a daze as you slowly realize what you’ve lost and how unlikely you are ever to get it back first.


Do you remember?

5 years ago

  • Google’s Gmail becomes the world’s most popular email service
  • Halo 4 released on Xbox 360
  • Gangnam Style becomes the most viewed Youtube video surpassing 808 million views

10 years ago

  • Google releases Android
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is released on NDS, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows
  • releases the first Kindle in the United States

20 years ago

  • The domain comes online
  • Wing Commander: Prophecy released on Windows
  • Apple introduces the first Power Macintosh G3 desktop


Credits: unijokes, xkcd
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