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We are a proud partner of – better government services are not science fiction is an association focusing on improvement of public sector digital services in Slovakia.

We all want the digital services in Slovakia to be simple and meaningful, with a fair price. We need to increase the transparency and efficiency of the public spending and we need participation of the professional public in the electronization of the public administration.

The manifesto

  1. We want Slovakia to be a better for life and modern country
  2. We are concerned about the corruption and unfair conditions in the pubic sector IT procurement
  3. We offer our expertise to improve the government services
  4. We bring effective solutions to our citizens and entrepreneurs – government services can be done better


In the last year

  • got 7,000 signatures under the challenge
  • mobilized 1500 members of the IT community on the platform
  • prepared and implemented 20 specific precautions to improve government IT
  • monitored 100+ government projects on the platform
  • warned about the 9 of the largest unprofitable government IT projects
  • allowed 20,000 citizens to take part in the elections through the platform
  • received 2200 signatures under a petitions to improve the government informatization strategy
  • started the ecosystem
  • stopped 3 nonsense projects for together 250 million EUR

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