The Die Is Cast

Challenges are moving you forward. But we like to run instead . That’s why we decided to beat the challenge and joined Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon 2017.

Putting brains together supported by excellent technical skills brought its fruit and our new add-on Recruitment with JIRA is here.

We realize that the background tasks and questions, you are dealing with during recruitment process, are not always easy. So the idea is clear:

Find the best people in the world to work with. Now with JIRA.

It’s not for the first time we are attending such competition but the butterflies in the belly do, what they do.

If you like this initiative, support our guys and try all the functionalities you can benefit from. We will be glad to help you with exploring them.

Or just click on Like button (smile)

Fingers crossed, 

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Silvia Ďuková

"Spontaneous little ball of energy." These words were said about me a long time ago by my friend. It still holds true :) And this energy leads me on the way of business development and marketing.


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