New Atlassian Cloud pricing is here

Atlassian changed it’s Cloud pricing, the new prices are valid from 31st of July, 2017. The existing customers will experience the new pricing with the first renewal. 

The new prices are more flexible by taking away the broad ranges (from previous 7 to the new 17) as well as the ability to pay per user, This is after an extensive customer research done by Atlassian.

There are a few exceptions. The ten-user licenses will cost the same $10. For JIRA Service Desk, the tiers below 25 users have also the same pricing. Everything else is changed, with majority of prices increased. This change is also valid for the Marketplace.

Annual pricing keeps its tiers, but will be more granular. For example JIRA Software for up to 100 users will cost $7000, with 2 months discount compared to the monthly subscription. The monthly subscriptions will remove the tier pricing completely and will charge per-user instead. For example Confluence starts at $5 for additional user above the ten-user license. JIRA Software will be for $7.

See the new prices summary in a downloadable PDF


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