Hotovo QA meetup was a big success!

Last Thursday, May the 25th, we hosted the first QA meetup in Hotovo. More than 30 people from various companies attended the event and since we had also one visitor from Finland and our live stream was broadcasted around the World, we had it with a bit of international flavor.

The meetup started with a presentation about Defect Detection Percentage metric, where we explained that common testing metrics such as number of executed test cases or the number of defects found are not enough to measure the effectiveness of software testing projects. In order to understand better how successful testing was from the overall business perspective, we introduced DDP and its usage on a few examples.

Then we had a short break for pizza and beer, followed by a bug hunting session:

Our developers intentionally injected 10 bugs to an internally developed application and the goal of our participants was to find as many of them as possible in the shortest possible time. Teams of 3 were established and whenever a team found a bug, they had to use one of two musical instruments to call a referee, who had to judge if it was a bug or something else (e.g. a feature).

After 30 minutes of tough competition, we collected results and evaluated performance of teams.

The winner was the group number 5 with 8 correctly identified bugs. There was a tight race for silver and bronze because there were 3 groups with 7 identified bugs and we had to take into account their speed in finding bugs as well. Finally, the 2nd place went to group number ? and the 3rd place to group number 2. Some groups identified also bugs, which were not injected intentionally and we passed them to our developers for further analysis.

At the end, we explained the audience this technique can be effectively used in their projects too.

Since some of us met former colleagues from previous employments and some of us made new contacts, after 10pm we took the party to local pubs to strengthen our friendship 🙂

HOTOVO-Bug hunting (15 of 54)HOTOVO-Bug hunting (50 of 54)

HOTOVO-Bug hunting (31 of 54)HOTOVO-Bug hunting (53 of 54)

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