QA presentation at the Technical University in Kosice


On Thursday, May the 11th, we delivered a presentation for students at the Technical University in Kosice to ignite their interest in QA and testing.

The presentation focused on basics of software testing, current trends and challenges. We explained to over 80 students of the Faculty of electrical engineering and informatics that software testing is an interesting and important part of any software development life cycle and since these students were in their 4th year of study, we hope we have inspired at least some of them to pursue software testing career in their future.

The 1-hour long presentation started with a bit of history which was followed by basic principles of software testing. We continued with an overview of the fundamental test process, available test levels, test types and basic test design techniques.

The second part of the presentation focused on current trends in software testing, covering topics such as testing in agile development, test automation, mobile testing, open source tools, IoT testing and TCoE.

The third part was devoted to newest challenges in software testing, where we described four of them: DevOps, SDET, big data testing and security testing.

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