Hotovo QA meetup

On Thursday, May the 25th, we will hold the first QA meetup for all QA and software testing professionals and enthusiasts from Kosice and other towns nearby.

This informal event will start at 6 pm, so anyone interested should be able to join after they finish at work.

The first part will be about Defect Detection Percentage metric, which can be used to measure the effectiveness of your software testing endeavors. This technique can help you understand better how successful your testing is from the overall business perspective and show that it is not the number of executed test cases or the number of defects found which matter the most in the end.

The second part will be focused on practicing exploratory testing during a bug hunting session. Come and test your testing skills in an open competition with interesting prizes. Just bring your smartphone.

We will have a small refreshment and some beer as well 🙂

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