Clearvision DevCon

DevCon party

On Thursday, February the 16th, we held a “celebration” of the Clearvision expansion to Central Europe. Did you miss the DevCon?  

The DevCon was a Clearvision informal introduction event with pizza and beers for girls and guys working with Atlassian stack. We wanted to present what Clearvision is about but also what you can develop in a short 3-day sprint using Hipchat as a base for a new application.

Clearvision is a UK based global Atlassian Platinum Enterprise solution provider. There is a rapid raise of need for agile project management in large corporation, banks, institutions and governments where Clearvision has a long standing experience globally. This need is visible particularly in Central Europe region right now. Clearvision Central Europe will be located on Hotovo premises and we expect to see more new faces join shortly.

Since Clearvision is not only about consulting and account management, but also about on-demand development, we wanted to show what is possible to develop in 3 days using Hipchat as a base. The new Hapichat added some interesting statistics to a HipChat room such as team member focus, mood or speed of collaboration. The team also added some fun features that could improve those stats, like random image or the “blame”.

See a few images of the event.

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