Hotovo was a hero for one day

On the 13. July, our company, within the involvement in volunteer activities, decided to participate in blood donation for the first time. Through the National transfusion service of the Slovak Republic (NTSSR), our fun room turned into a donation point.

Because blood is rare and we never have enough of it, we wanted to do the right thing and we approached our employees to become heroes for a day and thus save someones life with a drop of their blood.

We were taken care of by kind workers from NTSSR during the whole event. There was a friendly atmosphere at all time. We prepared some pastries tor participants as a reinforcement before donating blood.

Two participants were excluded for inappropriate sample. Blood was donated by 14 volunteers. Except our employees, there were also 2 other donors from the outside. The event was organized for the first time and we are very happy with the participation.

In the future, we would like to organize blood donation regularly in the premises of Hotovo and we believe that more donors will dare and join the donation.

We thank all donors. You’re heroes.

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