Mulesoft JIRA Connector

Our Mulesoft connectors have been certified

Another successful hit for Hotovo in Mulesoft ecosystem! Our Atlassian-related connectors have been reviewed and certified, enabling to connect data stored in JIRA or Stash with any SaaS and on-premises applications quickly, easily and securely.

OuMulesoft JIRA connectorr JIRA connector is built on REST API as JIRA SOAP API is not available for JIRA 7 and above, making the usage of JIRA REST API (supported since JIRA 4.2.1) highly recommended.  The connector gives users the ability to perform various operations, like tracking of issues and issue statistics, working with issues, comments, work logs, attachments, projects, user groups and other information, across third party applications. We are happy it won The Best MuleESB connector award at Mulesoft Connect 2015!



Mulesoft Stash connectorThe Stash connector (renamed to Bitbucket) functions within a Mule application as a secure opening through which you can access and act upon your information in Stash. Using the connector, your application can perform several operations which Stash exposes via their REST API. When building an application that connects with Stash, for example, an application to display all your Stash repositories, you don’t have to go through the effort of custom-coding and securing a connection.



If you are already use our connectors, please let your feedback in the comments. We will appreciate it, thanks!

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