Hotovo Winner Weekend

How is it to win

On Valentines weekend, the winner of the Darts Vader contest, Mr. Jamie Cole and his lovely wife Laura payed us a visit in Slovakia.

In the spirit of remote teamwork, the players in London, UK shot darts on a target in Kosice, Slovakia. You had 3 shots in a range between 1 and 100 points each. Jamie, got 246 points. And a weekend for two in the beautiful Slovakia.

There are too many places to visit and a weekend is really just an appetizer. It also depends if you are into sports, nature, history, shopping, good food or all the above. Unfortunately, Kosice was a bit rainy, so we headed off to the High Tatras for snow. Laura and Jamie used the opportunity to visit Vienna on the second day. While short, I hope you guys liked it.

Didn’t you win this time? Don’t worry, there will be more opportunities down the road.


In Kosice

Winners in Kosice














The Cathedral

Winners in Kosice























High Tatras

Winners in Slovakia























Slovakian Scenery

Winners in Slovakia




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