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Mulesoft Healthcare

We are proud to announce our recent contributions to Mulesoft’s solutions for healthcare. Our integration team was assigned with the objective to build the full end-to-end reference implementation of the FHIR standard to allow healthcare providers to seamlessly bring data from the Electronic Medical Record to mobile and web applications and back, while enabling secure and governed data access. And we delivered!

The solution consists of a several APIs that are built upon existing APIs of medical systems and complies to industry standards, i.e. EPIC or HL7 and has been deployed on Cloudhub, Mulesoft’s cloud hosting service, and secured using HTTPS protocol and Virtual Private Cloud.

Each new API is described using RAML and the business logic is implemented using Mule flows. Endpoints are interacted by employing Mule connectors such as Salesforce, HL7 or HTTP transport component for REST API calls.

Key features include:

  • Pre-built integration flows that read/write data from Epic, transform that data into HL7 FHIR and then expose that data via a well-defined RESTful API
  • End-to-end reference implementation of the FHIR standard, including the following FHIR objects: Patient Demographics, Condition, Observation, Allergy, Medication and Scheduling
  • Support for both Epic Bridges (HL7 v2) and Epic Interconnect (SOAP) interfaces

The integration templates became part of Mulesoft’s rich Exchange and presented at Health IT Conference, HIMMS16.

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