Two third places in the game

Two third places, a second place and a first place at the Future of Team Collaboration conference by Clearvision on December 2nd in London, UK.

The Hotovo remote Darts Vader game drew quite a bit of attention. Over 30 players queued to our stand during the three short breaks. Some of them even twice. The game was definitely the most popular way to recharge between the talks.

The players navigated a virtual dart with voice commands over a video call to our office in Kosice, Slovakia, where a dart driver moved the dart according to the commands. But there was a twitch. Another person, a disruptor, tried to change the outcome by pushing the driver out of the line or move the whole target. You had to be quick.

The first price, a weekend for two in Slovakia has been won by Mr. Jamie Cole with 246 points. The second price, a bottle of the famous Tatratea was won by Mr. Matthew Mandler with 239 points. And the two third prices with 236 points were won by Ms Sharon Down and Ms Anais Creignou. Congratulations!

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