5 things not to do when you have a business idea

So you decided you want to do something with your idea. Don’t fall into the trap of playing an office. It will only slow you down.

  1. Do not start creating a company before you make sure your idea has potential. Many think that you need to register a company to start building your dream idea. You don’t. You should create a company when you have a steady income.
  2. Do not play an office, do find your customers first. Having an office to go to, even more to show perspective clients, and friends. Remember, you need to get an income before you can spend it.
  3. Don’t keep everything to yourself until you’re done. So what if the idea gets stolen? You’d better create an engine that goes on grass. Otherwise, you are just wasting time. If your idea is amazing, people will copy it anyway. You just have the privilege of being first.
  4. Do not continue adding features to your product without it being ready for the users. Everybody wants to have the prototype perfect before showing it to others. The problem is that there is nothing to show. No motivation is better than a “wow” from somebody who wants to give you money.
  5. Do not do everything yourself. Even if it sounds fun to build everything with two hands, there are people out there who devoted their lives to design, marketing, coding and so on. You won’t be probably better than them. Your job is to coordinate them. And have fun.
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